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ESADE Business and Law Schools have a three-fold mission to improve skills and knowledge through training, rigorous research that leads to advances in the field of management, and contribute to the transformation and improvement of organizations to promote greater social welfare.

ESADE remains committed to addressing the most pressing research challenges in the management, legal and social sciences. Yet the results of these endeavours are of greatest value when shared with as broad an audience as possible.

ESADE Knowledge is a multi-genre platform that allows to search and enjoy all of the research content generated by ESADE. Not only does it include our entire portfolio of leading scientific research, but it also comprises alternative genres such as videos, blogs, books and teaching cases.

We hope that the ESADE Knowledge Portal will be a valuable resource that inspires you as an active participant in our evolution as an academic institution renowned internationally for the quality and impact of our research.


ESADE Knowledge provides you access to constantly updated ESADE faculty and research community studies across a wide range of topics, formats and knowledge units.

11 key management and law topics, ranging from Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovation, Strategy, Economics & Finance, to Law


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Cutting-edge thinking in an easy-to-read language, useful for management and law communities and helpful for daily decisions.


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Articles, books, conference papers, monographs, working papers, PhD theses, etc.


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Aims of ESADE Knowledge

The main aims of ESADE Knowledge are:

To be a useful platform for researchers and scholars, students, and management and law practitioners.


To facilitate access to and dissemination of the knowledge and research outputs generated at ESADE, also taking into account currently relevant issues of social debate.


To help give greater visibility to ESADE faculty, researchers and centres of excellence.


One-click access to all ESADE research


"An essential platform for researchers & scholars, students and management and law practitioners"


"An innovative interface with meaningful knowledge, all in accordance with the highest scientific and academic standards"