• Assessing public sector values through the Tri-axial model: Empirical evidence from Spain

    Esteve Laporta, Marc;  Grau Sarabia, Monica;  Valle Cabrera, Ramón  Working papers 03/2013

  • The management of interorganizational collaborations

    Esteve Laporta, Marc  PhD Theses 01/2013

  • Enhancing innovation in public organizations through public-private partnerships: The role of public managers

    Ysa Figueras, Tamyko;  Esteve Laporta, Marc;  Longo Martínez, Francisco  Book chapters 2012

  • Assessing public networks: Proposal for a new unit of analysis

    Ysa Figueras, Tamyko;  Esteve Laporta, Marc  Book chapters 2011