• Creation and control in business ecosystems

    Fox, Paul  PhD Theses 06/2013

  • Negotiation and power in the cybercrime framework

    Albrecht, Chad Orsen;  Albrecht, Conan C.;  Wareham, Jonathan Douglas;  Fox, Paul  Conferences 12th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS): Conectando a las Américas 06/08/2006

  • Will mobiles dream of electric sheep? Expectations of the new generation of mobile users: Misfits with practice and research

    Fox, Paul;  Rezania, Davar;  Wareham, Jonathan Douglas;  Christiaanse, Ellen  Conferences 5th International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB) 27/06/2006

  • Organization implementation and partnership models: Initial findings

    Fox, Paul;  Wareham, Jonathan Douglas;  Cano Giner, Josep Lluís  Conferences Academic Preconference Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2007